Thursday, 13 December 2007


I'm exhausted and I'm not sure why.

In so many ways this situation has improved over the last couple of weeks:
  • Mum is no longer starving herself
  • She is under my supervision and can no longer cause her chaos with bills and appointments
  • She has accepted that she needs more care and we've found a Home we're happy with
  • Now I even have her in Day-Care so that my work-day is free and she is being socially stimulated far better than I could provide here.
And yet, I'm suddenly so very tired. This afternoon I just had to go back to bed and sleep. Why is this happening now? Is it like one of those colds that completely floor you the day your holiday starts? Is this my body forcing me to take a break?

If so, I need to tell my body that I've got to take Mum down South to her apartment tomorrow (maybe tonight?). We need to spend a long weekend sorting through her possessions and bring back the clothing and a decorative items that she will need when she moves into her new home.

The place we saw in Cheshire last week tentatively gave 19th December as a moving-in date, but I haven't heard back from them and I'm worried that I haven't got a contract in my hands. Still, we have to proceed as if the offer is genuine, so this weekend we have to travel South.

I just hope I can find the energy to do this.

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