Monday, 17 December 2007


I've been careful to leave brochures for the Care Home we're aiming for lying around in most of the rooms in this house. I even took a couple away down South this weekend. Each day I watch as Mum's eye drifts around the room looking for an anchor. Reliably, she always picks up the brochure, and usually starts a conversation about the place, which reassures me that she remembers it and knows that she's going to be living there soon.

This morning, I was running a bath when suddenly Mum was hammering on the door. I opened up to find Mum standing there with the brochure in her hands. She looked down at it and said: "Look at this. I was thinking that you might get a room here as well."

I had to explain that it was a place for people her age and not mine, but I was touched because I think she was saying that she would miss me.


BigAssBelle said...

she will miss you, you are still her sweet boy . . .

Greg said...

I don't think I've been a particularly sweet boy since I was 5... I'm doing my best to act like one these days, though (not very well, I have to say).