Monday, 16 April 2007


Mum's been down in Somerset with P and her husband and, of course, the dog. Yesterday, P took it upon herself to confront Mum about her shortcomings and announced that she was going to keep the dog. It erupted into a major row in which P ratted on the Warden and on Mum's neighbours, who apparently had taken P aside and voiced concerns that the dog shouldn't be allowed back into the flats. I had two calls from Mum, locked in her bedroom crying, and another from P. I rather felt like a parent dealing with two schoolgirls who'd had a fight. Anyway, I told P that she'd have to let the dog return with Mum today and I managed to convince Mum that P had acted out of friendly concern and suggested that it must have been very scary for her to broach the subject. I've also said that I'll go down to visit soon, to assess the situation for myself.