Saturday, 8 December 2007


When I wake up, Mum is already wandering the house and all the lights are on. Same as any morning this week. I go downstairs to let her dog into the garden, and then I pour two bowls of cereal and add the soya milk we use. Mum is sitting at the table, ready, and asks for some juice. I pour the last of the pineapple juice into a glass.

I start eating my cereal. Mum is sitting there waiting for something. In between mouthfuls I ask, "What's wrong? Why aren't you eating?"

"I need some milk, don't I?"

"It's on your cereal, Mum."

"On my cereal?..... On the cereal?"

"Yes, Mum."

And so she quickly tips her pineapple juice onto her cereal and my voice reaches an octave I haven't heard since my balls dropped.


Sorata said...

Soya milk? On the cereal, really? I am Chinese, and I still think I will never be able to mix the two together, LOL

Hmm... I'm trying to imagine you doing the overly high octave... with a British accent...

PS: Thanks the hugs (from both my blog and your blog), that was very sweet of you.

Greg said...

I'll try and record myself the next time, LOL.

Yes, my last boyfriend was Vegan, so I got into the habit of drinking soy milk rather than cow's milk. I would never add pineapple juice to the mix, though - yuck.