Wednesday, 3 October 2007

days of our lives

I've bought a clock for Mum which shows her the day of the week, the month and year. It's made by "Karlsson" and seems to be available at a range of prices from £65 to £145, depending on where you shop online (be aware that it's also available in super-size). Mum's clock sits on her mantelpiece, though I'm sure it's more of a wall-clock. I did look at an LCD clock with a digital display at half the price, but it wasn't so attractive and I wasn't confident that Mum would be able to tell the time, being of an analogue generation. Mum seems highly pleased with the clock, and I've been asking her what day it is each time I've phoned, in an effort to get her accustomed to looking at it.

ADDENDUM (March 2008) - I was frustrated when Mum moved this clock into her spare bedroom soon after. Now that I've inherited it, I think I understand why. Be warned that it makes a VERY loud whirring noise at least a couple of times a day, which always catches me unawares and makes me jump.

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