Monday, 17 September 2007

pills 2

This morning is the 6th day of a 7-day course of anti-biotics that Mum has been taking.*

As I've previously described, before leaving Mum on Wednesday I wrote the appropriate day on each blister in the pack, wrote an instruction on the box for Mum to wait until I call before taking a pill, and I've called twice a day since. It has been, nevertheless, hell every single day, with Mum totally unable to confirm what's been taken or remains to be taken. By Day 6, I would hope some routine to have been established but this morning Mum gave me to understand firstly that she'd already taken both pills for today already (though she couldn't say when) and then that she still had yesterday's AND today's pills to take.

I instructed Mum to take the pack to the Warden and get him to ring me. He told me that today's pills are still there, but that Mum missed both pills on Thursday and one yesterday. I wonder what it was that she audibly glugged down over the phone last night?

What hope do I have to help Mum when she can't follow simple instructions? Do I need to tell the Surgery to hospitalise her the next time there's a course of medication to be taken?

(*or not taking)


BigAssBelle said...

i read your post on JMG about your blog and, since my father also has dementia, came to visit. i've bookmarked you to come back. i hope you don't make me cry. it's heartbreaking to see them failing. i cry a lot. it's like losing them one piece at a time.

if my father didn't have constant supervision in the form of my exhausted, stressed out stepmother, he'd take the same pills over and over and over again. it must be incredibly worrisome for you to try to manage this by phone. my heart goes out to you.

Y | O | Y said...


Also saw your comment on JMG and I'm going to bookmark you, too.

It's a tough road.


witzend said...

Hey Gavin, thanks for your comment. I'm finding comfort in reading your blog and I appreciate your encouragement here. Not feeling quite so alone any more, thanks to you and Belle.