Wednesday, 12 September 2007

stomach pain

After giving about 6 big vials of blood at the Surgery this morning, Mum wants to go out for lunch to this particular restaurant. We get there and Mum is 2 bites into a rather expensive roast salmon when she winces and cries out a little. She tells me that she has a sharp stomach pain. She experiences a few more twinges and I notice that she's not eating any more. I ask her if she'd like to leave. She would.

On the way back to the village, I ask if her preferred stomach medication would deal with the pain, but Mum says no. I divert to the Doctor's Surgery, only to find it closed for the afternoon "for training". We ring the emergency number, but the Doctor on the end of the line is reluctant to offer any treatment since Mum is unable to give a consistent history. We make an appointment for Mum's surgery after 5pm, when the training is over. At home, I find that Mum's 'Gaviscon' settles her almost at once.

Shortly before 5, I stir Mum from her slumbers in front of the television to tell her that we need to leave for the surgery.
"Why?" She can't remember the pain now.

We see a different Doctor today. She is warm and funny. I do most of the talking at first, mentioning Mum's previous problems with constipation. Mum is adamant that the pain was from her stomach and not her bowels (she remembers it now!). The Doctor asks for a urine sample and uses a testing strip which instantly tells her that Mum has a bladder infection.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that a bladder infection can cause memory problems, according to the Doctor.
"And there was me thinking your brains were dribbling out of your ears!" I say to Mum on the way out.

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