Thursday, 13 September 2007


I call the Warden of the flats to let him know my progress with one of the issues I’m dealing with for Mum. He has news for me regarding Mum. Apparently, she headed off down to the Vet this morning after all, then came back 2 minutes later in some confusion without her front door key, and asked him to ring for an appointment. He rang the surgery and made an appointment for her, found the front door key in the front door of the development and took her back to her flat. 5 minutes later she was back, with her shopping trolley and saying that she was going shopping. When she returned she had no shopping with her, and no key. She explained that she had gone to the Vet and made an appointment in person. The key turned up inside her flat, which was unlocked. The Warden says her mental state is markedly declined since yesterday.

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