Thursday, 25 October 2007

all change

A call from the Warden this morning with a list of concerns.

He'd had to visit Mum to ask her to stop taking toilet rolls from the guest facilities in the block (the cleaner had caught her). While he was with her, Mum showed him a massive order of frozen meals she was completing and announced that she'd cancelled the Meals-on-Wheels service. Then she asked him the date, so that she could write the cheque out. The Warden looked around and noticed that the "Calendar Clock" I'd bought was gone from the mantelpiece. Mum told him that she thought it looked better in the spare bedroom, a room she rarely visits.

I'm going to have to be careful following this up, since I don't want to implicate the Warden as my source, so I'll have to keep asking Mum how she's enjoying her delivered meals. It could be that she completely fabricated this story about cancelling them to justify the large order of frozen meals (Mum loves spending money over the phone). I'll also have to engineer a situation where I ask her what day of the week it is, to "discover" that the clock isn't in view.

Finally, the Warden returned to the toilet roll issue and mentioned that Mum had placed a telephone order with the supermarket down the road, and that they'd be delivering later. I was curious about this, as I know that you need to spend over £20 to get a delivery, but the Warden said that Mum "doesn't go out these days" and hasn't left the building for over a week. I guess that's why she's stealing toilet rolls from the hallway and possibly why she's ordering in frozen food.

What's going on?

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