Sunday, 21 October 2007

circle in a spiral 2

Sunday morning. 8 am. The phone by my bed rings.
"I just got this envelope in the post and it says 'HM Revenue & Customs'.... etc"

I don't bother pointing out to Mum that it's Sunday and that she couldn't have received it today and didn't need to call at 8am. I talk her through writing out yet another envelope addressed to me. I've just finished the postcode when she replaces the receiver. No 'thank you', no 'good bye'.

I call back and point this out to her. Mum takes my criticism on board and says that she'll say 'good bye' in future. The line goes dead as she puts the phone down.

I'm not letting this go. I ring back again. I tell her that she just did it again. She insists that she said 'good bye'. I suggest we try it again and she agrees.

I hear the phone go down and the line goes dead.

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