Monday, 22 October 2007

new photo

I took this picture on one of my recent visits to Mum. We went out for a restaurant meal almost every day I was there, and here we were in Pizza Express, where Mum discovered she REALLY liked the "Nostrana" salad. Her enthusiasm was almost alarming. It was like watching a starving person eat. But then, that's not far from the truth. It was only on this visit that I realised how poorly Mum was feeding herself, her fridge empty save for a few yoghurt pots and margarine tubs both out of date by several months. She was getting by on a diet of breakfast cereal and chocolate bars. Occasionally she was heating up a frozen meal, but she was unable to follow the cooking instructions and, in any case, used the grill setting on her oven. This was the reason I started up the meals-on-wheels deliveries. Mum rings me up regularly to say how much she loves them, especially the desserts.


LSL said...

I wanted to pop in and say that I love this pic of your mum - she's beautiful. And I drove meals-on-wheels a few times and really loved it. It's nice to know she enjoys her so much.

witzend said...

Thank you. It was just a quick pic I took with my phone but it caught a rare moment of enthusiasm on Mum's face that I keep needing to revisit. Here Mum looks more alert and alive, and I find I linger over it wishing she was like this more often.