Friday, 12 October 2007


Mum was found wandering on the bypass outside her village yesterday. A motorist stopped and brought her home. She was quite bewildered and unable to recall why she'd walked there. The Warden has done some sleuthing and traced her steps. It seems that she went to the hardware store to buy some light bulbs. At the till, she failed to enter the correct PIN for her debit card, so she told them that she'd go and get some cash from the bank across the street. Mum didn't make it to the bank - for some reason she took a left and kept walking until she ran out of pavement and continued on the grass verge.

This is a worrying development. And it's not something I can bring up with Mum either, since I don't officially know about it and I don't want to have her start hiding things from the Warden. She is sounding all bright and cheerful today and I'll bet she has no memory of this incident.

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