Wednesday, 31 October 2007

phone call from the warden

The Warden rang me up this afternoon to talk about Mum. It seems that several other residents at the block have 'expressed concern' or outright complained about Mum recently.

Mum has been ringing doorbells and knocking on peoples' doors at or before 7am.

4 residents have recently noticed Mum's electric hob turned on full with papers stacked upon it and have complained that she represents a fire risk to them.

Although Mum received her delivered meal at noon, she was found cooking 4 of her recent delivery of frozen meals about 1pm. As is her way, unfortunately, she was grilling the plastic packages rather than using the oven, and three were melted around the food. She was discovered eating her fourth attempt, which she had grilled to a lesser extent and which was therefore under-cooked.

Apparently, Mum hasn't been outside for some time now and her dog is defecating and urinating on the carpet because it's not getting out.

Finally, Mum was talking nonsense this afternoon about how she'd spoken to my Sister, who was going to visit her tomorrow. My Sister hasn't spoken to Mum in years and lives in the Middle East.

The Warden told me that he thought the time had come for Mum to be relocated to a safer environment.

I arranged, immediately, for an Electrician to visit and isolate the power supply to Mum's cooker and hob. He's going to visit on Friday afternoon. I then spoke to the Mental Health team that have been visiting Mum recently, but the person I spoke to said that Mum had enough savings to disqualify her from assisted care and that the Health Department was not allowed to recommend private care facilities down there. I'm going to have to start visiting places up here in the North, I think.

I'm about to speak to Mum about all this. Not really looking forward to it...

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