Thursday, 4 October 2007

community psychiatric nurse

Mum had a visit from a Community Psychiatric Nurse yesterday. I had a phone conversation with her before she visited Mum, where I panicked trying to recall 5 years of desperate concerns all at once. She then called today to give me her impressions.

It's a bit perverse of me, but I exhaled with relief to hear that Mum had proved "quite confused". But it means so much to know that this situation is now being recognised by other people. Apparently, Mum didn't score badly enough on her test to cross a particular threshold (possibly for drug treatment - I'm a little vague on the details), but the Nurse was still concerned, based upon Mum's conversation before and after the test. She has decided to re-visit Mum in a couple of weeks and meantime send an Occupational Therapist to visit Mum. the Therapist may be able to suggest ways for Mum to cope better with her daily activities, or put her in touch with services that will help care for her.

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