Wednesday, 28 November 2007

every time we say hello

It's happening again. 

I only made up my mind to go down and visit Mum yesterday and she has already called me up 3 times this afternoon, asking me where I am and when I'm going to arrive. She thinks it's today I'm coming. She evidently thinks my land line reaches me wherever I am, too.

Each time she rang I explained that it was at the weekend that I would be coming down and that I work during the week. 

Each time she reacted as if to say "Of course! I knew that!"

And then she would call again.

Each time I asked her what day it was today. Each time she had no idea. I would tell her to look at her clock, but she would read out the date every time I asked her for the day.

I'd forgotten how hard this is. I'm feeling exhausted even before the long drive down.

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