Monday, 12 November 2007


I called the Warden at lunchtime to ask how Mum was, remembering what he'd told me last week: that she is at her worst on a Monday when she's been left unsupported through the weekend.

He immediately informed me that there had been another formal complaint against Mum, this time from the gardeners. They'd found the patch of grass outside Mum's apartment littered with dog shit. We've pretty much determined that Mum is not giving the dog the long involved walks that Mum describes, but it seems Mum has lost the compunction to rush out and scoop up the poop, which she was still doing when I was visiting in September. The Warden suggested that this was another sign of her rapid decline.

He also mentioned that Mum had been spotted heading off to do some shopping on Sunday morning about 8am, about 2 hours before anything was open, clearly unaware what day of the week it was. Apparently, she is also stepping into the road directly after pressing the button at the pedestrian crossing, having forgotten that you should wait until the display shows the green figure. It's only a matter of time before she has another bad scare or accident on that crossing.

I've really got to do something and quick. I'd like to find a place for her somewhere for Christmas - sell it to Mum as a break and then see whether she enjoys the extra attention and the food enough to want to stay.

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