Monday, 26 November 2007

what did I say?

A Social Worker was scheduled to visit Mum today to assess her needs should she go into Care. She arrived at 1:30pm. It's almost 4pm now and I just rang a few minutes ago to ask Mum how things had gone. 

Mum picked up the phone and there was the usual delay while she fumbled with the handset and pressed various numeric keys while making little noises of surprise and consternation. I could hear the Social Worker in the background gently reminding her how to operate a phone ("no... just hold the receiver to your ear"). When Mum worked out what she was doing, I told her that I realised that her visitor was still there so I'd leave it and ring her back later. 

I heard Mum tell the Social Worker that I was happy that she was there and that I had asked to speak to her.

Now I could easily start to worry about Mum's inability to understand my simple statement, but I'm going to put this one down to her being so thrilled at having company that she couldn't spare any attention to what I had actually said and just invented something that seemed likely.

Anyway, the Social Worker and I had a brief exchange in which she told me of her understanding of the situation from Mum's point of view. Mum had obviously given a rather bizarre version of her wishes, which I will attempt to correct tomorrow.


Donald said...

Hi Greg: I just came across your blog and your concern for your mother. Her problem is diet related. Get her off all sugars and white flour foods as much as possible. Have her eat only what God created: raw fruit, raw nuts, raw vegetables and so forth. Get her away from all foods made by companies except whole grain foods.
Read my book, "A Love Letter To Charlotte Church", Lots of help there for her. Sincerely, Donald

Greg said...

Well, thank you, Donald. That's certainly a new take on the problem. I would think that we could ALL benefit from such a diet. I've published your comment because there IS a diet-related factor to Mum's condition, in that she is just not feeding herself or drinking enough water, and I know that dehydration can add to a person's confusion. I'm making efforts to get Mum into an environment where she is prompted to eat sensible amounts at regular times. Thank you for your interest.