Thursday, 8 November 2007


Someone rings Mum's doorbell.

Mum goes to the intercom but presses the red emergency button instead of the "speak" or "enter" buttons.

Not getting the response she wants, Mum decides to walk down the long corridor to the front door in order to let her visitor in. It takes her about 5 minutes to get there.

Meantime, someone from "Careline" is calling out through the intercom system in Mum's flat, asking if she's okay.

As they get no response, they call an ambulance.

A typical chaotic morning for all those around Mum. Three hours later she has no memory of it at all.


BigAssBelle said...

three hours seems like a long time ~ maybe the drama of it all made it stick in her head?

Greg said...

I've previously timed Mum's retention of memory down to a few minutes (she'll forget that she's talking to a telephone answer machine, after all). Her GP also tested her retention and found she didn't remember well after a matter of minutes.

Here, I was just going for a light-hearted story of Mum sailing through all the chaos she causes, blissfully unaware. I hope to have the odd quirky post here and there to lighten up the mix.