Friday, 30 November 2007

comedy II: a visit to the Doctor

I don't call these posts "comedy" because I'm laughing (see "comedy"), but because there's a farcical aspect to the incidents.

Here's what I know about Mum's visit to the Doctor on Wednesday:

I had telephoned the Surgery to make the appointment for Mum. I booked transport for her. I told the Warden all about it and asked him to intercept Mum if it looked like she was going out to the shops. I rang Mum 30 minutes before the appointment to remind her about it. I checked that Mum had indeed left at the correct time.

So far so organised.

At the Surgery, Mum was asked to take a seat in the waiting room, but when her Doctor came to get her she was nowhere to be found. It took them 20 minutes to find her in another part of the building in a corner somewhere. Mum didn't recall what the appointment was about (the fungal infection that was making her foot hurt) but asked the Doctor to inspect her swollen ankle (again). The Doctor thought the swelling looked mild, but suggested a blood test and asked for a urine sample to check for a return of the bladder infection (bladder infections can cause confusion). The Doctor pointed to the toilet but by the time Mum had come out she had mislaid the sample cup and forgotten what she had gone in to do. She wandered out to the waiting room and told the Driver that it was time to go. Meantime, the Nurses were trying to find her to take her blood sample. She could not be found. 

Mum returned to the flats, introducing the Driver to everyone she met as her Doctor, come to visit her.

The Warden called me to say that he was concerned that Mum couldn't produce any pills or cream prescribed for the infection, so I telephoned and spoke to the Doctor concerned who told me all of the above. Once he knew about the reason for her visit, he decided to call on Mum at home. Blood and urine were taken and everything checked out.

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