Friday, 4 January 2008


Our phone conversations are short. Mostly, when I ring, Mum has very little to tell me. She says that she hasn't been doing anything, that she can't remember what she ate, and then she pretty much wants to hand the receiver to a staff member so that they can speak to me instead. I don't know if talking on the phone is too much for her or if she's upset with me and doesn't want to talk.

Mum has rung me three times now about money. Today she told me that her purse only contains a £10 note. Now I put five £20 notes into it on the 26th December and the staff tell me that Mum hasn't left the building since. Everything that can be 'bought' there is included in the fees for Mum, so I'm worried that someone has taken her money. Worried and a bit depressed.

I know that it's early days as yet, but no-one has visited Mum apart from me.


Sorata said...

Maybe your Mum is just busy getting to know her surroundings. You know, just like when we were little and stayed over at friends house? If our parents call we tend to just appease them over the phone. When is the next time you plan to go see her?

As for relative visitings, it's still just a week after post-holiday. They might be too stuffed to go anywhere. :D

Cheer up!

Greg said...

Thanks for the reassurance. I am aware that I'm being hyper-sensitive right now. I'm planning on designing a moving card for Mum tonight - mailing that should stir up a few visitors, I hope.

Greg said...

I'm visiting Mum this weekend. I've got a crate full of additional stuff I found in her flat which she might want, plus some extra Christmas mail and her Wedding Photo album. I'm going to take her out for a meal and then look for some new shoes for her.