Tuesday, 22 January 2008

remember me?

Mum called this afternoon, and we had the same conversation we've had 10 times since I visited her last, which was 10 days ago. As usual, she started by enquiring about her bank account and asking me if I knew that she gets a pension from Dad's old company...

I resisted the temptation to mouth the words to myself, and I let her get it all out in her own time without interrupting her. A couple of days ago I bought Mum a writing notebook and I've printed out a simple diagram explaining her finances. I'm hoping that she'll refer to this when she wakes up at night with her "sudden thoughts".

Midway through extolling the food again ("... and it's free, you know") and telling me what had been going on at the Home, Mum paused and asked me: "Have you ever been here? Have you visited this place?"

That took me aback somewhat.


Sorata said...

Now now, maybe your Mum is hinting that it's about time for you to visit her. :D

Greg said...

Nope.. she really doesn't remember that a month ago I was the one showing HER this place. I don't mind that she wants to tell me about it, because it means that she's enthusiastic about the place still. But not remembering whether I'd ever been there - that's a shocker. Who does she think moved her in? Where does she think her 4 pairs of shoes appeared from the weekend before?

I've grown up with her not-so-subtle hints and this wasn't one of them.