Friday, 5 September 2008

now and then: a visit

My Brother-in-Law and my Nieces were in the country last weekend (one of my Nieces is starting school in the UK). I picked up Mum and took her to see them. Here's a photo of Mum with my Neices (that's me hunched down behind the chair). We spent a lovely afternoon together eating, looking at photos and catching up.

On the day it seemed like business as usual, with me shepherding Mum through hurdles (physical and mental) as patiently as possible. In some ways I could see a deterioration in her: I had difficulties helping her up the steep stairs in the house whenever she wanted to use the toilet, and she told a story about giving away a toy dog 3 times while we were there and a further time on our drive back. But I just smiled and let it pass - Mum hasn't got so many stories these days so I should let her enjoy those she can still remember.

However, looking at this picture I am struck by how much happier and healthier Mum looks now. It sends me back to the following pictures I still have on my phone, taken last December when I decided that I needed to intervene in Mum's life.


citygirl said...

Your mom looks really good. You should be proud of how much you've improved her life!

Greg said...

Thanks, Citygirl. I read your blog entry for the 27th August and found that it brought up a lot of stuff I recognised and was both helpful and heartbreaking. Would it be alright if I linked to that enty in a future blog entry of my own?

Sorata said...

Your mom does look very happy in the new picture with you and the kids! Not only that, but she also look very healthy and glowy, which is very reassuring for you, I'm sure.

You also sounds much relaxed in your recent posts, so happy to know you're doing well.

*hugging fest*

citygirl said...

Hi Greg, thank you for reading & commenting on my blog. And you are most welcome to link to my blog anytime. The more information and support we get out there, the better. :) citygirl

Greg said...

Thanks, Humphrey - yes, I'm a lot more relaxed at the moment and actually getting around to some of MY stuff again (expensive Apple stuff this last weekend, but it's nice to treat myself for once, even if we're all sliding into a scary recession :D) Hugs.

Thanks, Citygirl. I'll put a link to your historical post in the side bar.

G :)

LSL said...

Wonderful to see your mum looking healthy. Your patience is really something, Greg. I'm also glad to see you in there!

Greg said...

That's the first photo of me for ages that hasn't depressed me. I think hiding behind chairs is the way to go.