Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I will survive

Folks, can I point you to a new link in my side bar for the blog 'citygirltalks' ? 

I've linked specifically to one post because it's a history of her Mother's long illness all in one entry and it's all useful. There's some of it I know already and some I hope never to see personally. I find it very moving and I love the sentiment at the end: 

you will survive. "

Thanks, Citygirl.

(by the way, although I've linked to the one entry, there's plenty more to see in her blog)


citygirl said...

Thank you for the link Greg. I hope my postings help those who are caring for Alzheimers patients now.

If anyone ever has questions (no matter how crazy, trust me!) please feel free to ask. ~ citygirl

ChickPea said...

Hi Greg - good to find your blog, and thank you for the link to citygirltalks..... dementia is such a difficult world to live with. We all need all the insight and understanding we can possibly find - before/now/and after........
Have a hug from me...... and another to give your Mum....... x

Greg said...

It's hug city here at Wits End Towers. Thanks Chickpea. And you're welcome, Citygirl.

Alzheimer's Team said...

Wow. Love your blog. Love to read about others who I have something in common with. My dad has Alzheimer's. Thanks for sharing.


Greg said...

Welcome, Krista, and thank you for your kind words. I am blessed by all my visitors and their wisdom and encouragement.


Alan Gay and Straight said...

Good luck with this.

I'm going through the same thing...and I know it doesn't get better.

Greg said...

Thank you Alan. I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with the same situation. I wish you all the best and thank you for checking in.