Thursday, 24 April 2008


I tried to ring Mum in the evening to hear how yesterday's visit had gone for her, but she was already in bed by 9pm, most likely exhausted by the excitement. So I rang again just now.

Sometimes our conversations remind me of those I used to have with my Nieces when they were very young - no matter what I asked them I'd get a one or two-word answer. All Mum could tell me was that it was all "very nice" and I got "yes" and "no" answers after that.

Then she perked up with: "I suppose you know that D has got her teeth into arranging a party for my Birthday."

Family get-togethers are D's speciality, and I'm grateful to her for wanting to arrange this for my Mum's 80th in October and I'm sure she'll do a better job than I would. D and I had an initial scoping discussion last night. 

It sounds like Mum's already told everyone in her flat that she's having a big party.

"Do we know who's coming?"
"Well, your Birthday is a long way off yet, Mum, so we've got plenty of time to invite people and arrange everything."

" is my Birthday."

I still get little shocks at things like this. I suppose it's because the accepted model is that those with dementia lose their retention of recent events but remember the older, core stuff with great clarity. But it's more complicated than that, of course. The holes in the Swiss cheese aren't just in the top inch - they can be anywhere.

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