Friday, 4 April 2008

if the shoe fits

A while back, on one of my visits to Mum, we went shopping for shoes. Mum has suffered from enormous bunions for a few years now, and it turned out that she needed a size 4 shoe on her left foot and a size 5 on her right. Thanks to the pesky new technology at the till we didn't get away with 'accidentally' picking up mismatched sizes from the shelf, so I ended up having to pay for 2 sets of shoes in each style.

Recently, Mum's feet have swollen up even further and a staff member at the Home rang me this week to suggest that I buy some especially-stretchy numbers from the 'Cosyfeet' catalogue. I got her to sit with Mum and pick out the styles and colours she wanted, and then the staff member rang me back with the catalogue numbers. She's gone for the Eliza slipper and the Katie shoe, in a size 6 this time, and I've had to buy matching Velcro extension strips for when Mum's feet swell even further. These are both pretty ugly examples - there are nicer ones in the catalogue, in my opinion. I'm tempted to see these choices as another sign of Mum's decline, but then it could well be that she was steered towards them by someone who doesn't know her tastes the way I do. The trick these days is how NOT to influence Mum's decisions.

I'm still going to use a wheelchair when we go shopping, though. It can shave a whole hour off a store visit!


Miz Kizzle said...

Good lord! Those are the most hideous shoes I've ever seen. Remember when O.J. Simpson referred to Bruno Maglis as "ugly ass shoes?" Those dreadful things the staff picked out for your mother are ugly ass shoes.
I seriously believe that shoe designers don't care about coming up with attractive styles for old people and the disabled. It's a form of discrimination. Maternity clothes used to be ugly. Those giant bows at the neck and the puffy sleeves made pregnant women look childish and frumpy at the same time. Then women executives, lawyers and other high-powered types started having babies and suddenly maternity clothes became chic and sexy.
With the greying of the population it's only a matter of time until shoes for old folks become both comfortable and pretty.
By the way, the brand name "Cosyfeet" disgusts me.

Greg said...

Ha Ha... you certainly can let rip with a strongly held opinion! Welcome to the party.

I agree about the shoes - they are fairly hideous. I remember there were some nicer ones in the catalogue, but I went ahead with the order that came down to me. Mum really doesn't seem to care that much these days - I'm not sure she can process whether something looks good or not, but she can tell if shoes don't fit.