Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter

I’m down in Sussex in my Mum’s old apartment, trying to make some progress in clearing the place. I’m noticing that every time I make a start on a task I suddenly remember a telephone call I need to make or a blog entry I need to compose. The jobs before me are each manageable in their own right, but I panic at the huge cliff-face rather than focussing on the first hand-holds that will start me on my ascent. This is very peculiar after the huge steps I took in December – why am I freezing now?

So, anyway, for a few minutes I’ll record some news that I’ve missed out over the past few months.

Firstly, Mum is generally very happy in her new home. I never find her in her own bedroom when I ring her – she’s always in the Lounge. She has made a close friend on the household and is very fond of the staff members, even if she can’t recall anyone’s name. She praises the food and loves the way they do her hair. There seem to be some group activities going on from time to time.

Secondly, Mum has had visitors at last. My Brother-in-Law and my Nieces turned up in the country on a whistle-stop tour and visited Mum in February. They told me that they were very impressed with the Home, which came as a tremendous relief to me. D & G also visited and took Mum out to lunch one weekend. They were equally enthusiastic about the Home and told me that I couldn’t have found a better place for Mum. It’s stupid how important this is for me to hear.

I’m a bit disappointed that no-one else has been in contact, though. Those of Mum’s friends who’ve found out where she is now living have all said that they would call her, but they haven’t. It’s like a taboo for them, like if they don’t speak to her it won’t be true. I suppose they just want to remember Mum as she was, but it would be lovely for Mum if they’d call. Yes, she’s a bit confused about where she is and what day it is, but she’s still the same person. All that’s changed is that she’s being looked after now (in a “hotel”, if you believe her).

Right…. I’d better go and get busy with the bubble wrap.

Happy Easter!


Sorata said...

You can use the internet while at your mom's old apartment? You sure she was not secretly reading your blog before?

I guess maybe you just typed while at her place and post later. :D

Greg said...

You were right second time, Grasshopper. Welcome back, Mr Monk! :P