Thursday, 12 October 2006

nobody's birthday 2

The phone rings.
"Morning. Listen, I haven't got long because my Chiropodist is coming, but I wanted to tell you that I've got a card for you. I'm sorry I didn't get it off on time, but it's a nice card."
"Mum, there's no rush. There are about 20 days 'til my Birthday."
[sounds of consternation]
"Mum, do you know what date it is?"
"Now listen, I haven't got time for this. I've got to concentrate on my feet now"
"Your Chiropodist hasn't come yet, Mum. What date is it?"
"It's the 11th October"
"Close Mum. That was yesterday. Now we had this conversation yesterday..."
"Please leave me alone, after all it IS my Birthday!"
"No it ISN'T!"

etc etc

I can't believe it! Two days on the trot! Then she started insisting that she had £3000 in her current account, which cannot be. I had to force her to go to the bedroom and read her statement out to me. Triumphantly, she read out, "CASH ISA £3000" as if that meant "Current Account"....

It was today I thought about starting this blog.

about 10 minutes later...

Ring Ring
"I've got a parcel here from amazon. I suppose that's from your brother-in-law?"
"Could be"
"Okay, well, I'll open that later"
"Okay, I'll open it tomorrow then."
"NO, tomorrow isn't your birthday.... Look Mum, why don't you wait for ME to tell YOU when it is your birthday?"
"Alright then"

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