Wednesday, 11 October 2006

nobody's birthday

First thing in the morning, my phone rings.
"Happy Birthday!". I take a moment to just let that settle on me.

"Mum, it's not my Birthday today. My Birthday is on the 1st of November".
" what day is it today?"
"It's the 11th of October today, Mum."
"The 11th of October"
"We've not even had YOUR Birthday yet, Mum."
"Well, I've got your card today, it says 'Not to be opened until the 14th October' on it."
"Mum, that's not from me. I haven't sent your card yet"
"Well, who COULD it be from, then?"

I'm not sure why the above has upset me particularly more than the usual stuff. Perhaps, because my Birthday is personal to me, I've taken it personally?

It used to be evenings when Mum lost her edge.

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