Sunday 27 June 2010

shape and hold

Mum had a beauty appointment while I was visiting the Care Home this time, so I went down with her to check on the in-house facilities and record the experience.

Her knees are bad again this Summer, so it was easier for us to take Mum down to the salon in a wheelchair. I looked on as the Hair Stylist washed her hair and set it in rollers, before lowering the dryer over Mum's head.

Mum kept catching my eye in the mirror and grinning impishly, like a kid playing peek-a-boo. Whilst she was under the dryer, another resident arrived and the Hairdresser began attending to her at the next station. I caught Mum scowling at the drop in focus on herself. She glanced resentfully at the lady having her hair cut, before noticing me again and beaming.

Once Mum was out from under the hood, the Stylist set to removing the curlers and plumping the hair into loose curls. She explained to me that Mum's fine hair didn't seem to hold onto shape for very long. It struck me that even Mum's hair has a problem with memory.

I'm planning to ring the Doctor next week. I want to understand why he has decided against giving Mum another Cortisone injection in her knees. It worked so well a couple of years ago. I worry that maybe he's just trying to save his Surgery some money, thinking that no-one cares about Mum.


Lily said...

I've heard that cortisone knee injections are extremely painful, although effective in the long run. Maybe he thinks she would be more distressed by the injection than the dodgy knees? Maybe I'm being overly charitable, lol.

Greg said...

You could be right, but the Care Worker in charge on Mum's household reckons that Mum didn't complain at all last time, and the change in her mobility was near-miraculous. The Care Worker is mystified why the Doc hasn't given Mum the jab this time - she wondered whether there was a reason you couldn't have it twice.

Speaking of knees - mine are still painful from that one big bike ride I did back in April. Maybe I need to talk to MY Doctor about the same thing! Ooer, I'm terrified of needles.

Lily said...

For your knees I'd recommend taking glucosamine and chondoitrin tablets - did mine the power of good!

Greg said...

Thanks, Lily. I'll head off to "Holland & Barrett" tomorrow and give that a try. I've been wearing a tubular bandage for the past few days (and nights) but it's not a great look having that peeking out from under my shorts!

Congratulations on your weight loss. I'm jealous. I made it through today without chocolate and I'm stunned.

LSL said...

Nice to hear a little about your Mum, Greg. She looks lovely.