Monday 10 May 2010

jokes and old folks

So, I'm downstairs in the Café below Mum's household, buying a Diet Coke, and I spy these jellybeans on sale beside the cash register. They're advertised as "Senior Citizen Pills", with each colour combatting an ailment or affliction associated with advanced years. I don't think it's a particularly funny joke - it seems pretty insensitive, in fact - but I don't feel like challenging the fundraising efforts of the Home.

Upstairs again, I'm sitting with Mum and a couple of other residents. As usual, I stopped and bought Mum some of her favourite chocolates en-route, and I'm folding the plastic bag to put it away in my pocket as she scrabbles her hand around in a big box of Maltesers.

"Oh, I was wondering why you had that bag with you," Mum says.

"I brought your chocolate in it, Mum." I say. "I'm going to hang onto it because they charge 5p for a bag in some shops now."

This prompts muttered outrage from the old folk in our circle.

"Yes," I say, "I always end up having to pay the 5p because I keep forgetting to take an old bag in with me."

"You could take me with you," says Mum, quick as a flash.

I have to say, her speed and delivery took me by surprise and made me look Mum in the eye. Maybe the fundraisers should leave the jokes to the old folks.


LSL said...

That took me by surprise, too, Greg, after getting to know your Mom in a small way these past months and (I think) years. It's kind of sweet.

Matt said...

I love her response!

Sorry I've been non-existent for quite a while. Glad to catch up a bit on your life. Be well. :)

Lily said...

I've just read the whole of your blog. Wow. My life, your life, interchangeable in many ways and to think it felt like I was the only person who was going through such a painful journey! Connected for ever, HUGE hugs x x

Greg said...

Welcome back, Matt! Hey, I've just read about Kitty. I'm sorry for your loss x

Greg said...

Hi Lily. Wow, the whole blog?? Yikes. I was recently thinking of deleting the early stuff, before 2007, when it became clear what was going on. As it's fresh in your mind, what do you think?

I'm thrilled that you feel connected by what you read. I've felt tremendously supported by you and many other people commenting on this blog. It helps so much sometimes just to know that someone else has felt this way or had that thought. When I started blogging, I had no idea just how it would help, but it has made a terrific difference for me and I'm always delighted if it has helped anyone else in any way.

I see you're still keeping my sort of hours - we really DO have a lot in common x x

Lily said...

Yup, the whole kit and caboodle! Once I started, I couldn't stop, my reading punctuated by exclamations of 'OMG mum did that/said that too!' Don't delete a thing, its fascinating to look back at the signs already there but not appreciated at the time. When I think about my mum, I wonder now whether some of her hurtful behaviour towards me over the years was actually down to developing dementia, rather than plain dislike. If only I'd realised, maybe I'd have felt less unloved. Ah hindsight is a wonderful thing! As for the odd hours, I've been waking hungry and thirsty in the early hours and wide awake quite a few times lately, then I switch the computer on while I drink tea. Must get back into a decent sleep pattern. Take care of yourself Greg x x