Friday, 10 July 2009

fatter transferrence

As some of my readers have been kind enough to comment, I've managed to lose some weight since February (5-and-a-half stone, which is 34 Kg or just over 75 US pounds). I haven't talked about it in my posts because this blog is about Mum.

However, it's just occurred to me that something very strange is happening here. You see, as I've lost weight.... Mum has suddenly ballooned.

Now, while my weight loss took 4 months (see here for a picture of what I looked like before), Mum has piled a LOT on in just one month. I'm concerned. Of course, she's had a very big appetite since she arrived at the Care Home in December 2007 and I was grateful to see her fill out a little from the tiny skeletal bird I rescued that year, but she's been healthy-looking since, up to now. Suddenly, in the space of a month, it's almost like her face is drowning in a sea of flesh and I struggle to recognise her. Thankfully she is carefree.

Is this a sign that another prop has given way in her mind, that some autonomic system that regulated her weight is now lost to her? I know it's easy to join the dots to see how this has happened: Mum eats a lot of pudding and isn't getting any exercise. But why gain so suddenly? Why now?

Fantasy time again: did Mum take my fat away from me? Did she selflessly take it and store it on herself?

Did I have a "Mummy-tuck"?


Greg said...

Apologies for the appalling pun G :D

citygirl said...

Heh heh I laughed at this post. But seriously, congratulations on your weight loss - you look GREAT!!

Weird how your mom has gained weight. My mom gained a little in the first year or so at the home because she always LOVED FOOD and suddenly had FOOD ready to eat all the time!! Plus she used to eat other patient's food. So bad, I know. But some patients didn't want their food or couldn't eat all of it so she'd take it. And the puddings...puddings everyday.

We finally asked the home to put her on a sugar-reduced/diabetic diet (even though she was not diabetic, her doctor was concerned about her developing it). This worked and got her back to her average size (which was never small but healthy enough).

Greg said...

just checked with Mum's chief Care Worker and Mum is actually heavier than me now. She's gained 23.2Kg since her arrival (51 US pounds), but the Care Worker read out a few figures to prove that it's been a lot more of a gradual progression than my post states. She suggested that I don't bring quite so much chocolate when I visit in future.... ouch. Still, I stand by what I've posted, because Mum looked far more healthy late last year and there has obviously been a big change in the last month, because I almost didn't recognise Mum.

Y | O | Y said...

Big difference in your appearance. When you can notice the weight loss in your face, as we did from your profile pics, you know you've lost a lot.

The latest with my Mom is that she isn't eating at all and they are concerned she's losing weight.

I supposed I should go to the market and get some Toblerone!

Greg said...

Yikes Y|O|Y, that must be worrying. I hope she turns a corner and starts eating again. Please keep telling us what's happening. I am really hoping that your Mom settles as well as mine has.

Well, I'm glad I wrote about my weight loss given that it was so noticeable. I wouldn't have wanted you all to worry that I had fallen ill or had an eating disorder or something.

How's your own health? Apart from the increased energy you've posted about, are you feeling better in other ways?

Y | O | Y said...

Greg--Thanks for asking. My physical health is pretty good although the mental stuff has brought back the stomach aches.

I've noticed that I'm still stressed but for different reasons. I used to be worried about the 24/7 commitment to watching over Mom. Now I'm worried because I can't watch over her 24/7 and protect her! It's always something!

LSL said...

Good LORD, you look fantastic. If I ever look that good, I'm walking around naked all the time, everywhere I go.

Anonymous said...

My mom gained alot of weight and I think its due to taking seroquel which is used to help 'sundowning'. We've just tried to cut down her dosage (its going well so far) as well as modified her diet slightly.

But alas, the fat transfer did not happen between mom and me. We BOTH gained weight.


Greg said...

I feel somewhat mortified to confess that my Mum isn't on any medication at all. It's never been suggested and, from what I've read, it seems like it may be a little late to start her on anything.

Hmm... well, if you both gained weight, then I reckon that shows how sympathetic you are :D

LSL, love the comment. If I was vacationing in Hawaii I might consider it, but in Yorkshire I would die of exposure within 20 minutes, even in July. Brrrrr...

D said...

Wow, you look great, Greg!! Good job! I wish the "fat transferrence" would be possible b/c every time we go to mom's doc she says that mom needs to eat more and gain more weight b/c she's always losing...I am working on losing but it's a very, very slow process. Hmmmm... :)


elanor said...

congrats on the weight loss you look great! I have 70 lbs to lose myself so you give me hope!

my mum gained over 27 kgs in the first few months of being admitted, she is quiet overweight now and i had to buy her a whole new wardrobe. she just eats whatever is available, it's as if there is no OFF switch to her appetite and also she doesn't remember that she just ate,