Monday, 6 October 2008


My 13-year-old Niece stayed with me this weekend. Naturally, Grandma was a topic that came up in conversation.

I was explaining to her that Grandma often gets her muddled up with my Sister, and will typically dredge up a story from our 80s schooldays and attach it to my Niece's name. I explained that it wasn't just her, though, and that Grandma sometimes thought that I was still at school, myself.

My Niece told me that last year she'd received a birthday message from her Grandma that said, "Happy 24th Birthday!" It was hard not to be slightly amused at that one. I sometimes wonder what it must be like to grow up with a dotty Grandma. At least my Niece will know what's happening if her own Mother begins to get things wrong.

Mum's 80th is just over a week away. She's finally caught up with the age that she's been telling everyone for the last 3 years. We're having a family get-together later in the month. I'm planning to scan a pile of photographs and make her a DVD of memories which we'll project onto a wall during the event. I think I might buy her one of those digital picture frames for her Birthday and load some of them onto that.


LSL said...

What a great idea for the party and for her gift. And how nice for your niece that you guys can talk about you mom's difficulties. Hugs, Greg.

Sorata said...

That's a great gift idea! My co-worker sitting right next to me has one like that too, her family photos just cycling through the whole day. I always thought if I have one all it will have are photos of Cleo. :D

You should tell your neice that the 24th happy birthday message is for the future and Grandma is just saying it in advance.

Now now, that's a nice photo of Greg on the side. :D

Greg said...

Hi LSL and Sorata! Thank you, the frame is something I've been thinking about for a while. There's a good chance Mum will keep discovering it over and over and needing to let me know, but there really isn't anything else I can think to get her at the moment.

Thanks about my own pic, Sorata :D. I've been told it's 'moody' elsewhere, so 'nice' is a welcome comment.

Greg said...

Oh, and Hugs :D

citygirl said...

My niece was very good with my mom. It's funny how accepting children are of Alzheimers patients, eh? On the other hand, my nephew seemed a bit scared of mom. Very different personalities.

So amazing that you're going to have a birthday celebration for your mom. We did that this past February for my mom's 80th and am I ever glad we took that opportunity.

Greg said...

Thanks, Citygirl. Yes, I've been wondering about both my Nieces and the way they just tell me things that Grandma has done or said in such a matter-of-fact way. They obviously know that her actions are significant, or they wouldn't want to tell me, but they do so with completely straight faces, neither laughing at it or upset by it - it's just how Grandma is.

Up until now I thought that maybe it was only those of us old enough to know what such behaviour signifies who could find it upsetting, but the response of your nephew makes me think again.

People and relationships are such a mystery to me most of the time. I keep thinking I should get myself certified as mildly autistic, so that I can flash my card to explain why I've got it all wrong again.