Thursday, 10 July 2008

Munich dreaming

Folks, I'm on holiday in Germany (I know... it seemed a good idea at the time), so I've little to post at the moment. I'm trying to keep my mind off Mum for a week, but it's difficult.

Today, I thought of a way to convey Mum's odd deja-vu moments to you.

Here's the scenario:

We're driving down a country lane. Suddenly a fleet of flying saucers cross the road overhead. I slam on the brakes, my mind boggling and my heart pumping.

I can guarantee that Mum's response would be to say:

"You know I was just thinking that they always cross in THAT direction."


Sorata said...

I'm the first one to leave comment, YAAAAY. Sorry... little things like this makes me happy... what can I say, I'm easy. :D

So happy for you that you're going on vacation, you really deserve one. Please give my numbers to those German guys for me. Especially if they're TDA (tall dark and handsome).

LSL said...

What a good description. Very vivid.

I'm thrilled you're on holiday, and I love Munich! Will we maybe get a picture of the deal? Hope you have some time to breathe deeply and relax. Big hugs.

Sorata said...

Yes... some photos will be nice... but I heard about the extremely harsh censor department there at Greg's place. :D

Matt said...

My mind is working like your Mum's these days.

Enjoy Munchen. Never been ... *sigh*

Y | O | Y said...

I've always wanted to take a trip through Germany. Have a great time!