Wednesday, 4 June 2008

dialling down

I get an itemised phone bill for Mum from the Home every month. Over the last 6 months I've noticed that I'm the only person she's telephoned in the whole period. I've urged her to ring the friends and relatives in her phone book, but obviously to no avail.

On the plus side, at least there is enough stimulation in the Home that she doesn't feel the need to ring Directory Enquiries every few minutes for the human company. That proved very expensive last year.

On the negative side, I'm saddened that she has lost the knack of staying in touch with her friends.

The latest bill arrived this morning. There are only 10 entries in all. Looking down the list, I see the 4:45am call that disturbed me in April. After that there are a couple of calls and then signs of a further decline. I see variations on my number, where she's made single-digit mistakes, or repeated a digit.

After that she is dialling too short, with a 5 digit number, a four digit number...

The final attempt is '01'. That was a couple of weeks ago.


Sorata said...

I guess you can also think of it that your mom made sme new friends and started to drift off with her old ones. I guess in some way, we all been through a few of those in our lives, right?

Keep posting, little Greg, so we know you're well.

LSL said...

I agree with Sorata - please keep posting so we know you're ok. Or if you're not ok, keep posting then, too. Ok?

Greg said...

Thank you, my friends. Don't worry - I've no intention of stopping any time soon. I know that I'm not posting quite so often these days, but that's because Mum's being well cared for and isn't causing quite so many issues. I generally have an observation or two to post after a visit to her.

Which reminds me, I've got to write one about yesterday and the big family wedding I took Mum to.