Monday, 4 February 2008


Mum is happy in the Home but there are now a couple of residents causing problems for her.

Firstly, there's the jealous old lady I've previously described - she is now, it seems, finding her way up the corridor to Mum's room and coming inside screaming at Mum. When Mum mimics this for me, baring her teeth and wobbling her jaw from side to side, it's very frightening because it makes her look truly demented. Trust me, that's not a look you ever want to see on a member of your family.

Secondly, to my surprise, the rather charming and solicitous gentleman of the household, who I've seen fending off Screaming Lady's attentions, has himself turned up in Mum's bedroom wearing only his underpants, prompting Mum to eject him vigorously. It turns out that he tells everyone that he owns the place. I suspect one of his relatives told him "this is your home now" and he took her literally.

Of course, my first reaction on hearing of these incidents was a strong urge to remove Mum and find her somewhere more genteel, but Mum insists that she doesn't want to be moved. My quandary is that Mum really needs looking after 24 hours per day in a place geared for dementia, but anywhere I found for her is bound to have residents like these (or worse).

When we got back from lunch, the gentleman's jacket was draped over Mum's dressing table chair. He'd been into her room again.

I have shown Mum that she can lock her bedroom door. What else can I do?

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