Friday, 6 July 2007

conversations that never happened

This morning I received a call from my Aunt. She and my Uncle are visiting Mum next month. I had made the arrangements for them about 6 weeks ago, booking them the guest accommodation at the flats where Mum lives. Apparently, Mum rang them around 8am this morning telling them that since they had changed their dates the accommodation was already booked out.

Naturally, this was confusing for them, since they haven't changed their plans at all.

I hadn't wanted to bother them at the time, but I had to correct Mum a fortnight ago, when she mentioned this visit and started telling me about several excursions she was looking forward to when they're with her, about the restaurants they'd take her to, and so on. I had to remind her that they're only there for one night and that since they are travelling down by train there would be no galavanting about the countryside.

Now, forgetting the details of a visit is one thing, but this morning's incident concerns me, since it involves at least 2 conversations that didn't take place in the real world: one where my relatives changed the dates of their stay and one where the Warden told her that their 'new dates' were unavailable.

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