Friday, 1 June 2007

the lights are off but somebody's home

"I turned the bathroom light on and suddenly all the lights went out!"

[this happens every few weeks - the wiring in the apartment is abysmal - and every time is like the first]

"Not again! Did you flip the trip-switch back up?"
"Yes, I did that and it all came on again."
"Ah, that's good. I'm glad you've learned that you can fix it on your own."
"Oh yes. I did it all by myself..... But....the kettle was off, the fridge was off, all the lights in the flat were off. I couldn't get the television to work..."
"Of course, Mum, but at least you knew you only had to flick the trip-switch to get them all back, didn't you?"
"Well, I went and got D [the Warden], and he showed it to me, and turned it back on for me."
"Ah... I thought you did it yourself."
"No... And do you know, even the washing machine stopped!"
"Well, of course, Mum. If a light blows, the trip switch acts like a fuse and stops everything working. But you only have to open the cupboard and flick the switch up again. It's very simple. I'd hate for this to happen at the weekend or an evening, when D isn't working. You should know how to fix it yourself by now."
"Well, yes, I told D how I'd remembered how to fix it and how I'd flicked up the switch. He was really quite impressed with me, I think."


[choose the true version of events from those above for tonight's star prize]

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