Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Mum rang me thrilled to have spoken with my brother-in-law, though she couldn't remember a single detail from the conversation she had just had.

The Warden tells me that she's told everyone who will listen at the flats about the 'mystery empty box' delivery, apparently. I rang her, after talking to him this morning, to remind her that we'd solved the mystery on Sunday: that she'd emptied the box herself on Saturday and then forgotten about it. She reacted completely shocked, as if it was all news to her.

The Warden rang me because he was very concerned to find all four of Mum's electric hobs turned up to full, with pans and other items stacked on them. He's worried that she's a fire risk. I've decided I must now get around to writing to her Doctors to initiate some sort of assessment process.

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