Friday 23 February 2007


I think I need to stencil a message in foot-high letters all around Mum's flat which says, "Ring G BEFORE ringing any company". Every single time I only get to hear about these things afterwards:

3 guesses.... you got it! Yes, it's the car. Unused since last September it wouldn't start, so she called "Norwich Union" (who she always thinks is her insurer, despite having documents from "more than/Sun Alliance") and asked them to come out. They of course simply contacted the Volkswagen dealership, who took the car and replaced the battery (yes... again!). Coup de grace, Mum asked them to do "a service" on the car, which they were obviously delighted to do, having done one about 6 months ago and 4 months before that. I think the word "Service" is a scrap in her head she retains from when Dad was alive. If only she'd attach the word "annual" to it. Actually, that wouldn't help, what with her concept of time being so skewed.

I pointed out to her that we could have rung the dealership ourselves and not used the insurers. I reminded her that after she'd done this five times last year they actually told her that they wouldn't come out a sixth as she'd used up her quota. She made the usual noises which indicate that she has no memory of this and is tolerating me rather than challenging me on it.

I've spoken to the Warden. Turns out that he urged her to call me about it this morning, otherwise I would not have heard at all.

What is the point of me staying in this country if she doesn't use me and I just get the fallout rather than being able to help?

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